“Masseria Li Lei” is located within the countryside of Lizzanello, deep inside a distinctive naturalistic context, where silence and a close relationship with nature predominate. The Masseria enjoys a privileged position, being about 5.5 km from the centre of Lecce, 6 km from Acaya Golf Club, and about 10 km from the sea. From its roof terraces it is possible to see the belltower of the Duomo of Lecce, and the woodlands of the protected area of the Cesine.


The Borgo Li Lei includes a vast agricultural area just a few kilometres from Lecce. It is characterised by the presence of olive groves, vineyards, and the harmonious alternation of fruit trees such as figs, walnuts, almond trees, strawberry trees, pears, mulberries, apricots and citrus fruits, as well as a vast oak forest, areas of Mediterranean shrub, and areas where vegetable and medicinal plants are grown.
The Masseria is located along the countryside roads in the centre of the hamlet, where it stands out as an imposing rural building enriched by the presence of a Renaissance temple.

The structure, surrounded by olive groves, vineyards and Mediterranean shrub, is the centre of an agricultural complex where there are also other smaller buildings that recall the peasant civilization of the past, such as the “pajare”, made of dry stone, and the “casine” in Lecce stone, once shelters for farmers and herders.

Finally, the “Li Lei” woodland plunges the village into vaste area of oak trees, where majestic specimens typical of the Visciglito area stand out. The woodland was once part of a vast forest, where, it is said that squirrels may have reached the Capo di Leuca from Lecce from tree to tree, without ever touching the ground.


The structure consists of a fortified Masseria with a quadrangular tower dating back to the 15th – 16th century, which was further expanded during later times, up to the late 18th century, with the construction of additional premises each representing the architectural characteristics of the era of their build.

At that time, these fortified structures, located in strategic areas of Salento, represented defence strongholds of the territory from the incursions that came from the sea, allowing refuge for the inhabitants of the countryside, and acting as lookouts for the towns nearby.


Twelve rooms overlook the central courtyard, each differing in age and construction type: some feature star-shaped vaulted ceilings, others cloister vaults, others yet with crossed arches and still others with wooden ceilings and terracotta tiles. Two more rooms, with a shared living area, are in the farmhouse outside the courtyard, surrounded by nature nestled between the vineyard, the woodland, and the olive grove.


In the countryside the passing of time is slow.

The earth, the sun, the wind, plants, water… everything becomes essential.

Among olive trees, vineyards and the woods, thoughts roam freely.

Coffee and tea are enjoyed under the shade of pergolas.

Under the terracotta rooftiles of the lounge room, a book can be read.

Sip a drink while contemplating the farmyard that narrates a history, and then, dine al fresco, under the shade of the cannizzo.

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